Landlord Services

Selecting the right real estate agent to manage your rental property is important. Landlords should take their time to research the right property management company for their property.

At 888 Real Estate Group we use the latest property management software systems, technology and procedures. Our aim is to satisfy our clients and provide peace of mind. We strive to attain the best results for our customers.

The systems we use cater for both local and overseas clients, with regular communication and updates regarding your property. This is important here in Perth for FIFO workers who own investment properties.

We are able to fluently communicate with both English and Chinese speaking landlords and tenants

Our regular Property Management services and reporting are designed to keep both you, the landlord and the tenant well informed. We believe that by following our procedures that you will be extremely satisfied with our Property Management services.

Levels of Property Management Service

Tenant Selection

We provide a screening system of tenants, and scrutinize each application submitted to us. We liaise with the Landlord regarding potential tenants and we will seek your input regarding our recommendations.

It is important for all parties that the tenant is the right fit for the property. It is important that all parties understand the expectations from the early stages.

When searching for a new tenant we look at several factors, including:

  • Previous rental history. We contact past Real Estate Agents and Landlords.
  • TICA check or NTD (National Tenancy Database).
  • Current employment reference
  • Personal reference check
  • 100 point identification check
  • While inspecting the property we have an informal chat with potential tenants.

Rent Reviews

We assess rent reviews every six months. This is in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. It is important to maintain a rental that is comparable to local rental market values and pricing.

Routine Inspections

We make sure that your property is properly maintained by conducting quarterly inspections. The landlord is able to attend an inspection, but if you are not able to then we do send you a thorough detailed report outlining our findings.

Lease Renewals

Before the expiry of the fixed term agreement we will be in touch with you to discuss a continuation of the rental agreement, the tenant and any changes to the agreement.

Finding New Tenants

Once we receive not less than 28 days written notice from a tenant we will communicate with the Landlord regarding their wishes for a new tenant, the rental period and any revisions to the agreement. Once confirmed we will commence immediately the process to find a new, suitable tenant. Our aim is to reduce the tenancy vacancy period to a minimum.

Other Landlord Services You May Be Interested in What Our Policies Are

  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Rent Collection
  • Managing the Legal Areas
  • Our Fees
  • Marketing Your Property
  • Getting Your Rental Property Ready


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